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Producers Wiki is a taylor-made wiki for filmmakers and professionals.
Updated by the members of the ACE network and curated by ACE,
it offers useful information for film production: funds, festivals, co-production markets,
deadlines, servicing companies, world sales agents, local distributors and much more...
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Film Väst
Regional film fund located on the Swedish west coast close to Göteborg (region Vastra-Gotaland).
Acts as a co-producer, part owner and financier.
Involved in 30-40 high profile feature film co-productions each year, such as Dancer in the Dark (Lars Von Trier), ... [Full article]
Project market of Shanghai Film Festival (June), for Chinese language films or Sino-foreign co-productions.
ACE is a partner of Siff Project and shorlists European projects for its selection committee.
  • Feature films projects, for theatrical distribution.
  • 1st or 2nd feature film of the ... [Full article]